Sunday, 12 September 2010

Colours Photos

As promised some photos of games that caught my eye at Colours yesterday. There were many others that looked good too but these are the ones that were up my street, either due to the subject matter or the presentation and playabilty factors.

The best participation game, I thought, was the Abingdon Wargamers Lost World set up in 28mm, which my kids thoroughly enjoyed. It was visually very well put together and worked well too, with some enthusiatic games mastering to make it run very smoothly.

The other two participation games that cut the mustard for me were the Naval Wargames Society 1/600th scale Yangtze Incident game and the Air Combat Yahoo Group 1/600th scale Feet Wet / Feet Dry Vietnam airwar game, both of which have subject matter that ticks my boxes. Unfortunately, I didn't get to play in either of them but would love to have a go if they re-appear at Warfare.

There were a couple of very slick demo games too. I really liked the Mid Somerset Wargames Club Tangier game in 28mm, which was presented very well. The Maidenhead and District Operation Hands Up 20mm Rapid Fire game was another favourite, especially as it was set in Southern Brittany.

I'm sure that theere were other equally good games, especially in the Sci Fi and Fantasy genre but, as that's not my cup of tea, I probably didn't take them in. Other games, like the Huntingdon and District Catch The Pigeon and Penarth and District Pirate multiplayers were tucked away in corners so didn't immediately grab your attention, which is a shame as they looked like a lot of fun.

Overall, I thought the standard and variety of games was very good and well up to the standard of Warfare and Salute, for instance. I'll certainly be going again next year.

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  1. Great photos.

    I've taken some from my day out on Saturday and will upload them soon.