Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Pirates in the post

I got the extra Crusader pirates that I ordered from Northstar in the post today. The figures are all very nice but I'm only going to add a couple of them to the ones I've already started, saving the rest to kit out a pirate ship of some sort.

I ordered the pack of guns and the gun crew with cannon, together with the Sea Dogs and Pirate Crew packs. The guns are excellent, being neat one part castings which will paint up really well. The figures are also very nice and I've picked out the best of the bunch to add to the existing crew, although I'll have to fiddle the points to fit them in.

I have been allowed a day out at Colours on Sunday, although I have to take the boys with me, so will try to source some other piratical bits and bobs from the various traders at the show. If I can score some bargains, so much the better as this is a project on a budget, so more for less sounds good to me.

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