Saturday, 25 September 2010

Bag the Hun 2 [1]

It looks like the Bag The Hun 2 game is on for early November, so I had a trawl through my collection of 1.285th scale models to see if I could find something interesting to paint up.

I originally looked at the stuff I'd already primed and based but, as this consists of some clanky Leading Edge Cant z1007 bombers and some equally obsolete Scotia Ju87B's, I decided to find something with a bit more 'Holy crap, he's on my Six!' style street cred.

As a result, I've picked out four very nice Raiden FW190A3's, which I'll paint up as A4's for North Africa, together with a couple of Henschel HS129/B1 tank busters, both of with made an appearance in Tunisia in the later stages of the desert war.

They both have simple camouflage schemes (see above) so shouldn't take very long to turn out, especially if I get them done alongside the 10mm BKC2 Italians.

I think they'll give Andy a bit more of a run for his money than the Macchi Mc202's I tried out last time we had a crack at Bag The Hun?

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