Sunday, 5 September 2010

I hate IKEA.

We spent (wasted?) most of today wandering in circles around Ikea. I'm not really sure why we went, although something about tables was mentioned by SWSNBN. Anyway, we didn't get a table but did emerge from the middle class mosh pit with some interesting if superfluous items of Scandinavian origin.

I didn't find much of use but did pick up a spotlight for my painting desk to go with the two that I already have. I now have three directional lighting. Cool! I can't remember the name of the particular bolt on shelf light, they all have daft names anyway, but it only cost £2.99 so was a bit of a bargain.

Unfortunately, we also bought some flatpack shelving units for the garden shed, so I've spent what's left of the day bolting them together. I was hoping to get some painting in tonight but the wife has decided to tidy up the garage at 10pm (don't ask why?) so I can't get in there to try out the new illuminated painting facilities.

And finally, to rub salt into the wounds, I have to go back to work tomorrow.



  1. ouch,
    I always wince when the good lady wife mentions the dreaded IKEA. The only saving grace is the meatball lunch.

  2. I know how you feel. I've only just escaped a trip to Lidl. (Dont mention Ikea around here!)

  3. I have managed to turn the Missus now hates it when I go to B&Q or similar as I spend about two minutes getting what we need and about two hours mooching around looking for those little iddy biddy bits and pieces that just might be that little wargaming bit you've been looking for....offcut of green carpet tile anyone?

  4. You chaps aren't playing the game right.

    I have gaming as a hobby and Mrs Me has Ikea as a hobby, chuck her some cash for her hobby and it leaves me and the boy slug free to do our hobby.

    Simple innit...