Thursday, 2 September 2010

Pirate Crew [1]

I've decided to round off the holidays with by painting up my pirate crew as a quick mini-project. I've cleaned up, based and undercoated them as you can see, although the paint is still drying and needs to be left to cure.

I thought about undercoating them in white to bring out the colours later on but, in the end, decided to go with the simpler option of black. I'm hoping to get some time later today or this evening to start on the blocking in.

I'm planning to get this lot done in a few days rather than weeks....!


  1. Good stuff I picked up 22 pirates of fleabay yesterday undercoated and based on washers for a tenner. I'll get them painted as soon as they arrive.

    Cheers Jon

  2. You could have two crews with that lot!