Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Poundland Dinosaur Kits

I saw these in Poundland at the weekend, although they only had the Triceratops kits rather than the full range. They work out at about 28mm and are perfect for dinosaur hunting objective markers, terrain features and the like. They're easy to put together and can be cut about a bit to produce a skeleton lying on its side.

I bought one a few years ago at a museum shop and turned it into an objective marker for use in Saurian Safari games, complete with a spare leg bone to be carried off by the explorers or, as it turned out, by their pet dog Snowy. I'm not sure I need another one of these kits but the idea of a dinosaur graveyard might tempt me otherwise?


  1. I was in Poundland on Friday and was mightily tempted by this - think I'll have to pick one up this friday instead :)

  2. Uber cool. There's a branch just down the road from where I work. Guess where I'll be going after work!