Monday, 31 January 2011

Iron Cow 2103AD Aerospace Assets

It's too cold in the garage this evening for painting and I have a mountain of  shirts to iron, so the Rapid Fire stuff is on the shelf for the moment. However, I have been giving some thought to extra bits for the Iron Cow project, which I'm planning to start at half term.

One of the options in the rules is to use airstrikes by VTOL's or Aerospace fighter bombers, one or other of which would be a neat addition to my force. There are also some specific rules additions for air to ground pounding on the Ragnarok back issues site, so I can justify some aerial artillery for my ONESS British from more than one starting point:

To keep things simple and cheap, I've dug out some EM4 Spacecraft sprues that I had stashed away for use with Tacship:

They're the old Silent Death plastic fighters but are roughly 6mm in scale and ideal as ground attack fighter bombers, although there are only one or two that look the part in a 'near future' type setting.

Luckily I have  three of the more 'conventional' types on the various sprues, the one in the top left corner of the picture, so can provide a flight for my airstrike missions. I think it's a Pit Viper in Silent Death terms but I'll have to think up a suitable name for it in Iron Cow. Any suggestions?

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  1. If it's ONESS English (not British, I must get Tony to correct that) I think it should be something from Greek myth...