Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Back of Beyond Campaign Begins

I was supposed to playing a game of The Rules With No Name at the club this evening but, due to a mix up by the Ministry of the Interior, I've found myself car-less and stuck at home.

To cheer myself up I've been revising and editing the player guidelines for the Back of Beyond campaign that I'm umpiring. This will kick off in July, so I need to get the orders in now so that I can process them and set up the players with their opponents.

 These are the key players in the Race to Kashgar:
  • Commander Lostagaine - French Citroen Kegresse Trans Asia Expedition
  • Colonel (Retd) Cholmondely-Warner - British Museum Archaeological Exploration Party
  • Generalissimo Wu Tang - Chinese Warlord
  • J.R.'Jock' Ewing Sr - Texan Wildcat Oil Prospector
  • Commissar Tchestikov / Commander Wanderov - Red Army Propaganda Detachment
  • Lt Col Bannister VC - Indian Army Flying Column (Bannisterforce)
This gives a nice balance to the campaign and will allow us to have three battles per turn between us, so plenty of action to look forward to. I still need to type up some individual briefings for each of the participants, to give them some additional campaign background, but will get that done when I've got the time.

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  1. This looks like so much fun it's ridiculous! I've glanced through your BoB posts and it is sure an interesting period you've taken on. Have you perchance read 'The Mercenaries' by John Harris, a novel about some interwar aviators who cobble together a couple of old war surplus planes (a Be and an Albatross, by memory) to fly as a Chinese warlord's airforce? Good little read in its own right, and also a good insight to a peculiar aspect of the era's peculiar military history.

    Now I've found your workbench, I'll be following your campaign(s).