Monday, 13 June 2011

Return to Rapid Fire!

I've had a very busy weekend, hence the absence of any posts over the last seventy two hours but normal service has now been resumed. On Saturday we had a ninth birthday party to organise, followed by the arrival of some French relatives for the weekend. The whole of Sunday was occupied with sightseeing in Bath as a result, despite the terrible weather, so no painting has been done and I'm a bit behind schedule.

However, I have managed to arrange a game of Rapid Fire! or possibly Armies in Crisis for later in the month. This will involve my 5th DCLI battalion with armour support from a squadron of the Sherwood Rangers against a scratch Kampfgruppe of Jon's Panzer Grenadiers. It's therefore imperative that I finish off the last carriers and figures to complete my battalion for the 28th.

We've both got Armies in Crisis and thought it might be interesting to try the rules out as an alternative to Rapid Fire! The rules are based on Contemptible Little Armies so the mechanisms should be quick to pick up and easy to work with. I've also loaned my copy of Rapid Fire! to a chap at the club so will be a bit stuck if I can't retrieve it by the end of the month (although I could print out the .pdf).

I'll try to round off the Back of Beyond figures and the Garford Putilov this week leaving the Rapid Fire! stuff for the week afterwards. I've still got quite a lot to do but the added impetus of a game at the end of the tunnel should help me shift things along.


  1. Will be interested to hear what you think of AiC

  2. Would it be possible to get a copy of your pdf.