Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Back of Beyond Campaign Characters

Colonel Algernon Utterly-Barkinge Esq.

As mentioned previously, I've included rules for individual characters in the Back of Beyond campaign but modified the rules to enable them to be attached to specifc factions on a one shot basis. Each turn I'll roll a D6 for each of the players and, on a lucky roll of 6, they will be allowed to field a special character.

These individuals each have a particular trait or characteristic which is of advantage to the commander of the force to which they are attached. The characters themselves are based on the outlines in the Back of Beyond supplement, athough I've made a few changes and added a few extras. The six individual characters include:

Colonel Algernon Utterley-Barkinge, big game hunter (British Museum) 
Le Comte de Camenbert - famous desert explorer (French expedition)
Major Percy Armitage-Shanks, MC and Bar - British spy (British Army)
Eddie 'The Eagle' Eagelberger - WW1 ace and barnstormer (Oil Prospectors)
Vladimir Ilyich Proletarkski - Cheka agent (Bolsheviks)
Herbert Maximoff - dodgy arms dealer (Chinese Warlord)

I have figures for most of these characters, who must be deployed on table to have an effect on the game, but I may need to borrow one or two from other players to make up the number or paint up a couple to fit the bill. It'll be interesting to see how the characters affect each game and whether the players make use of them.

The character for my army needs to biplane to fly around in, so I'll need to build another of my stockpile of 1/48th scale kits - perhaps a Camel, SE5A or a Nieuport. I have an Ansaldo SVA5 that is assembled and ready to paint for my unfinished Japanese army, so that would be the quickest option.


  1. As a nephew of our Patron, Sir Ruper Utterly-Baringe, Colonel Algernon is hereby granted an honoury guest membership of the International League of Esteemed Leviathan Hunters:


  2. I'm painting (or rather re-painting) the very same figure at the moment. Hope I can get mine approaching the subtlety of yours.