Monday, 27 June 2011

Submarine Safari Sea Monsters [1]

I have three players signed up for Submarine Safari, which is great as it means I can crack on and get some prehistoric beasties to use with my HLBS hard hat divers. There's a fair selection to choose from with plastic models by Safari, CollectA and Schleich being available on ebay if you hunt around a bit.

I've started with a rather scary looking Dunkleosteus from Safari, which doesn't look too impressive in terms of size until you stick it next to a 28mm figure. It's actually not far off scale either, which makes it a pretty nasty proposition, given it's armour plating and rather large bite.

In the rules it's rated as follows:  Move 8" / Agility 3 / Toughness 12 / Damage 20 / No Critical Hits

This means that a speargun or knife armed diver has no chance of even penetrating the armour plating, although a well aimed harpoon might just do the trick. I think I'll need to think up some more powerful weaponry if the hunting party is to stand a chance against this monster.

I need to add a flying base to make it 'swim' and it could do with a wash of some sort, followed by some painting in certain areas but it's not bad for less than a fiver. I've ordered a small selection of other species so will be able to give the hunters some sporting targets once they're ready for sub-aquatic action.

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  1. That beastie for a Fiver? Bargain!

    And with those stats it will definately give your divers a challenge!