Monday, 20 June 2011

Back of Beyond Expedition [29]

I did a rush job on the figures for the oil expedition tonight and have pretty much finished them off. I'm not too happy with the overall end result, especially the hair and the lining out on the webbing and clothes but I really can't spend any more time on them than I already have. I'll give them a matt varnish tonight then do some final finishing off once they're dry tomorrow. 

All that remains to do know is to texture the bases, paint them and add some grass or tufts. I'll try to do this over the next few days, which means my plans to tackle the Rapid Fire! figures and carriers may have to be pushed to one side. I may still get then done at the weekend but I'm not counting any chickens. It may well be that next Tuesday's game will need to be swapped to an AK47 clash if I can't get the stuff done in time?


  1. I think they look great and I'm sure they'll show them pesky bolsheviks a thing or two!

  2. They look excellent! No need to worry about them!