Saturday, 25 June 2011

Activity Week 2011

I have a school 'enrichment' week in a couple of weeks time during which I'm running a Warhammer painting and gaming activity for a handful of kids. I've only got six sprogs and a couple of hangers on this year, rather than the usual twenty odd, so it'll be nice a quiet.

As a result, I get time to sit and paint up an army of my own figures while the sprogs glue themselves to bits of plastic and hack chunks out of themselves with craft knives. This year I've decided that, rather than start something new, I'm going to finish off some of the various projects from previous years.

So, this time I'm going to be completing the paintwork on my PITS / Death in the Dark Continent Dervish army. This only needs a little bit of work, including some lining in, detail painting and some flags to be complete. If I finish that I'll either do the TD Victorian Ironclads and the Rapid Fire! leftovers, which have been hanging about  a bit, or tackle the AK47 army that's based and ready for painting up.

It should be a productive week!

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