Tuesday, 28 June 2011

NEWSFLASH: Zumatan Invasion of Nbuto (Reuters)

A FART armoured car retreats from the Wanayani border zone (AP)

From Our Correspodent in Mtwange

Reports are coming in of a major military offensive in the Mtwange - Batufu Corridor by armoured and amphibious units of the Zumatan Army. Initial indications are that a rapid withdrawal of FART units from the Wanayani bridgehead is underway.

Eyewitness accounts suggest a significant reversal for the armed forces of the Independent Republic of Nbuto, with heavy gunfire and a number of explosions being heard from the direction of the Wanayani border crossing.

A spokesman from the Interior Ministry has vehemently denied claims of a crushing defeat by the Zumatans, despite photographs of destroyed FART armoured vehicles and retreating troops being published in the international press.

Latest reports from the frontline indicate that Zumatan forces are continuing their advance into the disputed Mtwange - Batufu corridor, with minimal resistance from retreating units of the Force Action Rapide Territoriale.

Further after action bulletins will be published when the situation is clarified by UN observers.

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