Monday, 13 June 2011

Back of Beyond Expedition [28]

I did a rush job on the Copplestone Garford Putliov this evening, just to shift it out of the way so I can get on to the remaining figures tomorrow. It was weathered with a three stage drybrush of Foundry Rawhide, the tyres were painted in Foundry Granite and the machine guns given a coat of Foundry Tan Shade followed by a splash of GW Flesh Wash.

I managed to scrounge some decals from the spares box to add some colour but couldn't find a suitable non-Soviet slogan to add to the turret. Never mind, I think it looks OK as it is. The paintwork is a bit sloppy but I'll tidy that up at a less hectic pace another time. However, the camouflage pattern plan has been consigned to the 'that sounded like a great idea at the time' bucket, as I just can't be bothered!

Next, I'm going to see if I can wrap up all the painting in no more than two sessions, leaving only the bases to be textured and painted.