Friday, 12 August 2011

Atlantic Wall Beach Bunker

We went back to La Torche today to meet up with some neighbours, who were camping in the area for their holidays. I managed to slip away for an hour or so to walk along the beach and have a look at one of the command bunkers that are slowly slipping into the sea.

It reminded me of the bunkers that in saw in Jutland many years ago, which were also being stranded out to sea by the retreating sand dunes. I'm not sure the funky grafitti and groovy surf sculptures were quite what OKW High Command expected but at least someone appreciates a bit of Atlantic Wall concrete, if only as a blank canvas?


  1. First pics look like Luke Skywalker uncle hause on Tatooine :>

  2. Rather poingant images there. Some of the WW2 pill boxes positioned along the Norfolk coast near my home town are gradually disappearing to the sea. That bunker was once the scene of so much conflict and strife, and now it's all fading away...