Sunday, 14 August 2011

Warhammer Historical Gladiator [9]

I realise that my lack of progress with the gladiator painting must be pretty obvious by now but I haven't quite given up hope that I'll get them painted up by the end of the holidays. We've been very busy doing holiday things including bodyboarding, visiting snail farms and entertaining the relatives, so painting has been off the radar.

However, I have added a few extras to the leadpile having been only too aware of the lack of light infantry types in the current set up. I have ordered a pack of javelin armed skirmishers from the Crusader Miniatures Roman range, half of which I'll use as velites and the other half convert into noxii or sword-armed slaves.

These will help fill out the ranks and, when added to the Crusader condemned men pack that I've also ordered, will make it possible to run some larger scale scenarios. I think I'll leave it at that for the moment as I have more than enough figures to be getting on with. If I can, I'll try to make a start on the painting of the undercoated ones this week.

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