Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Vauban Fort

Sorry for the temporary hiatus in posts but the router livebox wotsit jobby decided to go ppht! a couple of days ago, so no internet for the last forty eight hours or so. The lovely wife did her usual telephonic argy bargy which resulted in a new livebox gizmo and a restored connection to the interweb. She was about to crowbar up some paving slabs to chuck at the CRS but I managed to stop her in time.


Anyway, in the interim, we've been moving around a bit, so no painting as yet on the 28mm gladiators. I'm hoping that the next couple of days will see some sort of progress but can't make any promises. So, to make up for my singular lack of wargaming headway, here are some photos of a rather good Vauban fort that we visited a couple of days ago in Camaret.


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