Monday, 1 August 2011

Back of Beyond Expediton [36]

I had a go at sorting through my collection of 28mm gladiators this evening but got thorougly tied up in knots. I have several Crusader Miniatures figures which are fairly easy to identify both from their armour and the descriptions on the Crusader website. However, they aren't all great sculpts and tend to suffer from over sized heads on dumpy bodies, although there are several that are very good.

I also have a small collection of 28mm Foundry figures which are the complete opposite, having excellent proportions and top notch sculpting but rather dubious armour and weaponry combinations. I'd prefer to use the Foundry figures with a few of the compatible Crusader ones thrown in for good measure but I need to do some sorting out before I make the final selection.

In the meantime, I've cleaned and based up the Chinese labourers for the Back of Beyond expedition. The majority are from the Copplestone bandits pack but I've also drafted in two Foundry pirates and a spare Chinese executioner from the Copplestone pack. I'd like to add the six extras to make the unit up to it's maximum size of eighteen, but I'll need to find some compatible figures from somewhere to do so.


  1. That's a very nice group. Do you always use coins as bases?

  2. Usually, especially with 28mm figures. 2p coins are the best.