Thursday, 25 August 2011

Le Petit Journal Supplement Illustre

Apologies for the dodgy French but here a a few equally dodgy photos of the front and back covers of Le Petit Journal. The lovely wife bought these for me today as a present, for which I am duly grateful. They didn't cost very much but it's the thought that counts.

I chose what I thought were the most evocative from an In the The Heart of Africa point of view, so I hope you like them. I've been given permission to have one or two framed for display at home (blimey!) so it's a bit of a result all round.


  1. Loving the image of the fallen tree bridging the chasm - very King Kong...... and the one enjoining us to "Honour the heroes of Colonial Expansionism" times have changed!

  2. Idem as above, just love the column crossing the ravine!

    Makes want to run to the attic in an attempt to paint more colonials, well at least stare at them :p