Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Warhammer Historical Gladiator [5]

I spent a couple of hours today sorting through and identifying the various 28mm gladiators that I've brought along to paint up for the holidays. I've now chosen ten to use as the core of the project, with nearly every one of the gladiator types represented and a couple of unusual figures thrown in for good measure.

I've decided to go for an imperial era date as it covers most of the different types of gladiator and gives a bit more variety. I've used selected Crusader figures for most of them but have also included a few Foundry models to round things out, although the more anachronistic or lanky ones have been left in the box. I added a second Secutor though, as I really like the figure!

There are a few gaps that I need to fill, particularly the lightly armed or numerous types such as venatores, velites and sagitarius, but these will be sorted out by adding figures from the spares box or by doing some converions from suitable figures that I have duplicates of. I may also have a crack at doing some plastic conversions using the Warlord Celts that I bought cheap the other day from Northstar.

I'm hoping to start cleaning the ten figures up this evening and have them ready for painting by this time tomorrow. I've also going to replace the 'Samnite' figure with a different one, as it isn't really a samnite and I don't have a shield to use to make it into a mrymillo, which is what it probably should be. I told you this was complicated!

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