Friday, 5 August 2011

Pirate Ship Bits

There's a new multipart magazine construction kit out in France from which you can build a sial training ship in 1/65th scale. The first issue contains a set of hull ribs and formers, some PVA glue and sand paper and a magazine. These are all nice but far more useful is the anchor, ship's wheel and bundle of strip wood planking that comes with it, all for the price of one euro.

I picked up three magazines this morning and will hoard the various bits for use in pirate ship construction at some point in the future. The stripwood itself is worth the price as it's useful for loads of things from a scratchbuilding point of view. I have three bundles each of thirty or so 6'' long strips, so enough to plank a decent sized ship if I wanted to.


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  1. Saw the pub on French TV recently. The first ship seems to be 19th C., one may hope for a 17th / 18th C. one later?

    Btw (I seize shamelessly the excuse!)"Lacepunk" skyships
    (The Three Musketeers - 2011).

    One of the multiple facets of 'weirdness in the Tricornes era'

    'Pirates' are certainly the most popular of 'swashbuckling' games, and it's not uncommon for Pirates to encounter undeads of various types, King Kong-sized Godzilla type monsters...
    So it's only a matter of 'taking the plunge' and having the same 'liberty' on dry (main)land.

    Then, by the mid 18th C. vast parts of the Pacific Ocean were still to be explored, thus odd human races and cultures can be waiting for your daring adventurers in tricornes on a 'New Continent'. Or, alternatively, in an underground 'Lost Wold at the Earth Core', Pellucidar -fashion...

    Developed in a TMP post..

    Hope to be 'intriguing', if not 'inspirational' :) :) :)