Friday, 20 July 2012

AK47 Air War Africa [2]

The Lumata-Zumata Combined Headquarters has provided a somewhat over-inflated communique on the respective capabilities of the ZAF and LAF. It would appear that the propaganda department of LZCHQ has been a little over generous in it's estimation of the relative strengths of the axis air forces, which have been revised by the Combined Regional African Peacekeeping (CRAP) observer mission in Wanga Wanga.

The Zumatan Air Force

The ZAF is equipped with a variety of cast off US and British aircraft. The fighter squadron is equipped with eight F80 Shooting Stars, while the ground attack squadron consists of four DH Hornet fighter bombers. The tactical bomber squadron has recently replaced it's aging fleet of B26 Martin Marauders with a flight of four A26 Invader light bomber aircraft.

The Zumatans also have a naval aviation wing, the Zumatan Fleet Air Arm or ZFAF, which consists of a squadron of six Douglas A1 Skyraiders, which are capable of anti-shipping strikes and ground attack support missions. There is also a single flight of four Cessna 150 floatplanes, which operate in a reconnaissance and light attack COIN role.

The Lumatan Air Fleet

The LAF is a soviet backed force, although much of it's equipment is probably of Chinese or North Korean origin. The LAF is divided into two Aviation Divisions. The elite Guards Aviation Division consists of a fighter squadron of six MiG 15 Fagot jets. The bomber squadron consists of four Tu14 Bison medium bombers, although these are often confused with the very similar Il-28 Beagle.

The second line First Aviation Division is tasked with close air support and ground attack missions. It consists of a squadron of six Yak 9 piston engine fighters and six Il-2 Sturmovik ground attack aircraft. These are obsolete but effective in their role and are retained by the LAF as more advanced aircraft are not available due to the UN arms embargo on Luamata-Zumata.

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