Monday, 2 July 2012

Raiden Miniatures Summer Sale!

I spotted a 15% off sale at Raiden Miniatures today, so have added four P40B Tomahawks to the North Africa Bag the Hun collection, to enable me to have a full squadron alongside the Hurricanes. I've also expanded the opposition with the purchase of eight Stukas and four Bf109E7's to eventually add to the Axis forces that I already have painted up.

I haven't had time to add any more layers to the undercoated Hurricanes and Blenheims yet but hope to move them a little further forward by the end of the week. I also failed in my attempt to try out Bag The Doodlebug this weekend, so I'll have to take the various bits and bobs up to the club on Tuesday next week to run it as a warm up for the main game.

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