Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bag The Hun Bail Out!

I played a Bag The Hun 2  North Africa scenario against my ever victorious opponent Andy at the club this evening. This was a replay of the beginner Bandits scenario that we tried last year, this time with my Italian Fiat G50's against his RAF Hawker Hurricanes. It turned out to be an even bigger disaster for the Italians this time round, with three aircraft shot down and only one damaged Fiat off the table by the end of the game.

The phrase Catastrophic Structural Damage seemed to crop up quite a bit, along with Really Critical Hit, Fuel Line Damage, Pilot Wounded and Blackout. Not particularly good for the morale of the pilots of the Regia Aeronautica, to say the least.

In retrospect, it was fairly inevitable given the firepower and speed of the Hurricanes against the feeble armament of the G50's. It was also a bit unbalanced by the presence of an RAF Top Ace, who ran rings around the less experienced Italian section leader. However, there's no excuse for the poor flying skills of the losing side, even though I had premonitions of a doom based on previous experience with MC202's against Kittyhawks.

In the end, the Italians lost by 1 victory point to 7, which is pretty bad even for them. However, the Regia Aeronautica can at least claim the moral high ground having been strafed in their parachutes by the perfidious RAF! It was good fun, nonetheless, and helped me get a handle on the rules mechanisms once again. Next time, I'll reverse the set up to give the Italians a fighting chance or even move the action to later in the war, with FW190D9's against Spitfire XIV's or Tempests.


  1. There is something about the G50 that I really like. It is a junk plane but it has a soft spot in my heart. Mix the forces. Give the Brits some Gladiators. That should help. The Italians had a number of aces at the start of the war from their involvement in the SCW. A few of them flew G50s. That could help too.

  2. Looked like a great game despite the Italian defeat! It's not always about the winning...nice planes, as well!