Thursday, 12 July 2012

Holiday Projects 2012

In a little over a week from now we'll be off to Cornwall for a few days then over to France for the rest of August. As usual, I'll be taking something along to clean up and base, although any painting is off the radar due to the mother in laws upholstery. It's a great opportunity to get the tedious groundwork done for big projects although it doesn't always result in the a fully finished army, with one or two exceptions.

My latest effort is a good example, with the Darkest Africa Nkonde tribal villagers still incarcerated in their plastic box despite my best intentions to get them started. On the other hand, my AK47 dictatorship army did reach fruition and even ended up with a full on amphibious warfare capability including a submarine. It's a question of priorties really, which is why I have several possible options in mind for this years campaign.

So, in no particular order, here are the front runners for 2012:

1. 15mm War of the Roses Yorkists for Impetus

2. 15mm British / Japanese for I Aint Been Shot Mum 2

3. 28mm Darkest Africa Expedition (using the tribal villagers) for In The Heart of Africa

4. 18mm Dinosaur Hunting Expedition and Cavemen for Adventures in Jimland.

5. 28mm English Civil War Cornish Royalists for 1644 or Black Powder.

6. 15mm Egyptians or British for Patrols in the Sudan.

7. Yet more Bag The Hun aircraft for both Operation Bodenplatte and the Russian Front.

8. Another (aarrghh!) 15mm AK47 army.

All of these are:  a) easily transportable.

                          b) simple to clean up and base.

                         c) feasible in the time that I have to get them done.

                         d) not easy under the usual work / life regime.

I'll probably take a couple of things along with me so that I have a bit of choice and, possibly, get both of them done over the holidays. I have a fair bit of work to do as well, so it'll probably be a bit of a non-starter but it's worth a try.

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