Friday, 6 July 2012

Iron Cow Private Military Contractors [PMC]

I haven't had time to get any painting done over the last week or so due to a very busy time at work. However, I have been thinking about my existing projects and planning where to take them next. I'm waiting for the Brigade Models summer sale before I get any more Iron Cow things but, in the meantime, I've sketched out a third force for the East African conflict.

This is a PMC battlegroup, funded and equipped by ONESS and SAC to pacify and patrol the disputed territories in what used to be Zimbabwe and Zambia.

The force is built around German equipment, although making use of lighter AFV's like the Lynx and Thor, rather than the superheavy tanks of the ONESS German army. I've also cut down on the number of Tank and Infantry squadrons to one of each adding a Support Squadron, an Engineer CEV troop and an attached Logistics / Supply convoy of Thrall hover trucks to round things off.

It's not as powerful as the ONESS British battlegroup but I have been able to build in a wide variety of models from the German ONESS range, which is one of the nice things about it. I've drawn up a ToE for the battlegroup based partly on the Van Kliestmann chart in the rulebook but scaled down to reflect the lighter format of the force. I'm now thinking of a suitable name for it along the lines of Executive Outcomes.

It'll give the CDSU something to think about too?

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