Saturday, 28 July 2012

Dux Britanniarum

I've been putting this off but finally decided in a moment of weakness to pre-order a pdf copy of the new Toofatlardies Romano-British rules. It's not a period that I'm particularly familiar with but that's an advantage as it'll give me the excuse to do lots of background reading. If I decide to add this to my list of projects, it'll be way down the line as I already have lots of things half done that need my attention, including the SAGA Vikings, for example. It'll also be as small as I can possibly make it, as it won't be cheap to put together a 28mm army even if it's at a skirmish level. I suppose I could do it in 20mm or even 15mm, if I can find a good range of figures? Anyway, it'll be a good read for the holidays...


  1. Only 1,5 days to go now!!!
    I don't see the moment to grab my hands on DB

  2. I've ordered a copy of this myself - couldn't resist another dark age skirmish game...!

  3. use warlord games romans, they are really good!