Sunday, 29 July 2012

AK47 Summer Spearhead [2]

Here's the first militia unit for the new Superpower Backed army of the Kingdom of Bagombo. It consists of four S/A bases, three RPG bases and a couple of Bedford lorries, together with a couple of casualty bases. The QRF Bedfords were a bit rough and ready, requiring quite a lot of sanding, cutting and bending to make them fit together, but they were fun to construct and look pretty cool.

There could be two more S/A bases but, as the figures were leftovers from my first AK47 army, that's all I could scrape together. There's an extra RPG base in case I get an upgrade in the poltical flowchart bit of the game but otherwise this lot adds up to a decent 72 points. If I get time, I'll put together the second militia unit tomorrow, which is a jeep and landrover equipped patrol.

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