Saturday, 15 June 2013

Alien Invasion! (?)

I was sitting in bed this morning, randomly browsing the wargaming web as you do, when I decided to check out Matakishi's Tea House, something that I'd neglected to do for quite a while. Anyway, I stumbled across his Alien Invasion rules, which are free to download, together with a game write up and lots of photos of his 28mm MIB, Spugs, U.N.I.T, and Daleks, amongst other things. The more I read, the more I thought to myself...

'..this would be great in 15mm'!

The idea would be to cut a lot of time and expense by using the 'larger' 15mm figures produced by The Scene UK, together with diecast toys and various other things scraped from the bits box, to run the game as a multi-player set up at the club. The Authorities figures are perfect as MIB, while the US Special Forces figures would do as a good substitute for U.N.I.T troops. The Karlock alien figures and ersatz Terminators could stand in for the Spugs and Daleks respectively.

I think this would be great fun.....but it needs some more 'thinking time' before I get too carried away.

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