Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Bag the Hun Operation Bodenplatte [26]

I did some of the basecoating and blocking in on the P51's this evening but it all looks very slapdash at the moment. I'm hoping they'll look a lot better once I've given them a wash and some blacklining. In the meantime, I need to basecoat the canopies and tidy up the anti-dazzle strip on the engine cowlings. If I can get the bulk of the painting done by the weekend, I'll be able to use them in the game on Tuesday.


  1. 4th Fighter Group extravaganza!

    Did you prime the planes whole and then paint them silver, or did you just prime (by brush, I guess) the cowlings, noses, and rudders, then paint them? Raiden's white metal is great for a true "natural metal finish". I've painted my more recent metal Raidens with this second approach, by using metal polish on the whole mini, then brushing primer on the specific colored parts only. They look beautiful.

    These are coming along great, by the way!

  2. Hi Rolando,

    Yes, I primed them in grey then overbrushed in Foundry Spearpoint.

    I then painted over the relevant bits with white before adding the colours.

    After that I washed the whole lot in ink, although that's not in the photos, as I thought they looked too shiny.

    I'll retouch the metal areas later on.