Thursday, 20 June 2013

More Bayonets and Ideology

To make the most of our recent experience with the BAIT rules, we've organised another game for a couple of weeks time, which should be much quicker and less one sided. To cut down on the preparations, I'll be working out my own army composition and reading up on the rules beforehand in a bit more depth. I'm also going to see if I can sort out a terrain cloth of some sort, marked out with dots or little stones in six inch squares.

I'm also planning out a 15mm Republican Regular Army company based around the tanks, trucks and guns that I already have. I have sketched out a basic orbat with two infantry platoons, a support platoon, a tank platoon and a battery of one or two 75mm guns, together with a few optional extra bits like snipers, casualty markers and so on. If I can squeeze this out of ten packs or so, it's a viable project for July and August, although it'll have to wait until the end of June before I go ahead and order stuff.

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