Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Bayonets and Ideology SCW Game

I had a really enjoyable try out game of Bayonets and Ideology Two at the club this evening, using Paul's excellent 15mm figures for the Spanish Foreign Legion and International Brigade. The rules took a bit of navigating and head-scratching at times but, once we worked out what we were doing, they started to move along at a good pace. The longest bit was the pre-game recce and initial deployment phase but even this was good fun.

In the end the International Brigade defenders virtually wiped out most of the Spanish Foreign Legion, who attempted to launch a frontal assault on the village held by the Republicans, with inevitable results. As the commander of the former, I was lucky enough to roll lots of high dice, whilst my opponent had some awful luck with his. Nonetheless, we had a good game and will be returning to BAIT at a later date, with other alternative rules also on the cards.

I really want to try out the Mexicanski rules variant for AK47, which is available via the excellent Freewargamesrules site, as well as the IABSM variant Up Your Cara a Sol. I'm also seriously considering a small 15mm army for the Republicans using the new SCW figures that Peter Pig have recently added to their range. I'm not sure what at the moment but I have some old T26 tanks and GAZ trucks in the leadpile, so it may well end up as an International Brigade or Regular Army company of some sort.

Good stuff!

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