Thursday, 20 June 2013

Bag the Hun Operation Bodenplatte [27]

Before and After...not that you'd notice the difference!

I knew I was going to have some problems with bare metal finish aircraft but this is really winding me up. I had a go at a test model this evening, in an attempt to blackline the control surfaces and paint in the canopy. The end result is definately sub-standard and does not bode well for the remainder of the P51's.

I think my decision to use an ink wash over the bare metal was, in retrospect, a mistake. It just makes them look 'grubby' rather than defining the panels or adding detail. I'm also crap at lining out, even though I invested in some new brushes a few weeks ago.

I'm hoping the decal will lift the overall effect and make up for some very dodgy painting!


  1. Still look good Jim. Though agree not much difference...


  2. I have done a lot of bare metal MiG's in 1:600 and i am no genius at black lining. I have recently taken to using Army painter dark shade with a brush along the lines, and using a slightlyly darker silver mix to tidy up around the panel lines afterwards.