Sunday, 16 June 2013

Imperial Commander Update

The order that I placed with for some extra bits and bobs for Imperial Commander arrived a couple of days ago, which is a pretty good turnaround. I now have enough figures to field a decent 1000 point Early or Late Dynastic Redemptionist Force including Warrior Lords, Trikes, Fanatics, Devouts and even some Scout Skimmers. I love the old TTG Redemptionist range as it's packed full of character and has some really cool scupts, especially the ubiquitous figure with the laser rifle.


With the order was a voucher for 15% off until the end of June, so a quick stock check of the Imperial figures in the bits box and I put together a second order for the extras that I need. This involved a few additional Black Guard, enough for a self contained fifteen man detachment, some Power Armoured figures to make up a full platoon and some Scouts to sprinkle around as required.


I'm thinking of making July the Imperial Commander revival month, pushing other things over until the end of the Summer holidays, but I haven't made up my mind yet. It would be fun to base up and paint a couple of forces as a nostalgia trip, especially as the figures still look the business despite their thirty year old vintage. The rules may be showing their age a bit though but that won't stop me using other rules systems if they turn out to be too clunky.


  1. Be interesting to see how you get on with IC. I'm not always convinced new is best.

  2. The more I look at ranges, the more I'm convinced they are what I want for my 'old school' Rogue Trader in 15mm project. The figures just look great! And the 15% off thing is enough to push me over the edge!