Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Bag the Hun Operation Bodenplatte [20]

A bit of a disaster on the BTH front this evening, as I attempted to spray undercoat the Scotia Collectair Volksjager and He129 Uhu. After spending a good hour cleaning up the castings and basing them on Raiden hex stands, I took them into the garden for a quick coat of Halfords grey primer.

I'm not sure if it was the change in temperature or the dodgy contents of a nearly empty spray can but the end result was something akin to volcanic ash thickly coating the otherwise pristine models. I attempted to rescue the Volksjager but they ended up as twisted metal, so have been consigned to the scrap heap. 

The less flimsy Heinkel was given a good scrub up and a re-spray with Humbrol Light Grey, which seems to have done the trick. I'll add it to the FW190 D's that I'm painting up, even though it's very unlikely to make an appearance in the scenario for the game at the end of the month.

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