Monday, 24 June 2013

Bag the Hun Operation Bodenplatte [30]

I finished off a couple more P51D's and the four FW190A8's this evening, which for the moment at least means that the Operation Bodenplatte project is finished. I didn't get all the Luftwaffe aircraft painted and definately want to complete some additional RAF and USAAF fighters but, as long planned game is set for tomorrow, I've reached a good place to stop. I've had an overload of tiddly planes as well, so it'll be good to move onto to something a little bit different.

The game tomorrow will be a bit different from the usual scenarios that I've run, as it won't feature a lot of detailed research and background fluff but will involve the players in the generation of their pilots and the creation of their own sets of turn cards. I thought this would add a bit of a challenge and bring a bit more of a roleplay feel to the game, which should be fun and also introduce some of the players to the system in a little more depth.


  1. Excellent work. Very inspiring/distracting!

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