Monday, 8 July 2013

Bayonet and Ideology Re-match

I have another game of BAIT2 tomorrow, this time with a Republican Regular Army force instead of the International Brigade that I deployed last time. The figures will be provided by my opponent, Paul, but I have had to work out an orbat from the lists in the rulebook. To make this as easy as possible, I've pinched the one from the Peter Pig army box that's listed on the website.
This army has two tanks of average quality, three average quality infantry platoons and an HMG unit for support. I'm looking forward to trying out the tanks, which I didn't get to deploy in the last game and to see how the infantry perform, as this army is very similar to the one that I'm building up myself.
Unit 1. Tanks. 2 x T26 tanks. Average quality. Gun 6 Armour 5 (76 points).
Unit 2. Platoon 1. 1 Platoon commander base, 1 LMG base, 9 rifle bases. (77 points).
Unit 3. Same as unit 2 (77 points).
Unit 4. Same as unit 2 (77 points).
Unit 5. HMG support. Average quality. 1 platoon commander base, 2 HMG bases (55 points).

Total 362 points

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  1. Too much HMG... I think

    We'd do better if furst we konw the scenario.

    Best regards.

    The Road Runner