Sunday, 21 July 2013

Cry Havoc - The Battle of Little Wooton

I gave into the middle sprog today and set up a game of Cry Havoc, which he absolutely loves having been introduced to the joys of 1980's skirmish boardgaming on a rainy weekend a couple of years ago. It's been ages since I dug out my tatty dog-eared copy, so I was also quite keen to relive my mis-spent youth with a decent game from the Additional Scenarios Booklet.

We decided to have a go at The Battle of Little Wooton, with the sprog taking the role of Sir Thomas and myself as Sir James. The scenario required us to recruit the local peasants to join one side or other in a local feud, with the winner decided by the size of his resulting levy. In the end I got well and truly duffed up by the son and heir, with only one of my retainers escaping from the village and my knight bludgeoned to a pulp by a horde of angry yokels.

I'd forgotten how enjoyable this game is and how much fun can be had with a handful of cardboard counters, a D10 and some imagination. The sprog really enjoyed it, especially as he won hands down, so it's a definately worth tracking down a copy on ebay if you're trying to get your kids into wargaming and away from the clutches of GW.

It's also free to download from the Cry Havoc Fan site:

Good fun!


  1. crikey thats a blast from my past too, used to love this game, the 'dungeon master' at my old D & D group had a copy of this game it was great fun & a lot easier to play than the 'Europa' series of WW2 games with thousands of pieces which also absorbed our time in the mid '80's' I think I have buried in metal mountain some metal figures you could use with it

  2. One of my best souvenirs! Thanks for the link, I didn't know it!

  3. Also love this game. When ever you play it quotes from Monty Pythons 'The holy grail' are a mandatory feature!

    Also love Samurai Blades, especially the ninja night attack scenario. Chaos reigns

    Saw a copy of Dark Blades (the fantasy version) on eBay the other day, sold for about £5.00, bargain.

  4. Next to my computer desk is a pile of Cry Havoc, Viking Raiders and Siege - filled with the additional maps for a keep and walled city. I love Cry Havoc :)