Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Westwind 3'' Anti Tank Gun

The 3'' AT gun arrived from Westwind yesterday and I spent half an hour or so putting it together after coming back from the club. It's a nice little kit and looks pretty good when assembled...but it's definately not 28mm, as I suspected when I ordered it in the sale. These things were pretty big, as you can see in the pictures but the model is more like old school 25mm or 1/60th, so looks rather small compared to the Artizan figures, even the kneeling gun crew.

I even had to thicken out the wheels with metal washers to make them look less like dustbin lids. I suppose I could still use it, as it's clearly an anti-tank gun and would be pretty handy as an asset, but I may well keep it in reserve until I find a better alternative. I don't like the look of the Artizan 57mm anti-tank gun, which seems to be a bit spindly and just the British 6 pounder rather than the correct American version, so it may be a long wait.

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