Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Bolt Action Ramblings

I really enjoyed the Bolt Action game yesterday, so much so in fact that I'm thinking of picking up the 28mm US late war infantry company from it's dusty shelf and getting it sorted this month, instead of the 15mm SCW stuff. I'll base up the Republicans anyway but then leave the painting until the Summer holidays.
I've also been thinking about other options for Bolt Action that aren't late war and tie in with my existing interests. It wasn't long before the idea of an early war Norwegian project bubbled up from the depths of my sub-conscious, as this is a campaign I'd thought of gaming in 10mm before. It would, however, make an excellent 28mm 'skirmish' project and has a lot going for it.
I already have a platoon of early war 28mm French by Crusader Miniatures which I bought at Salute a few years ago for no other reason than they were dirt cheap and really nice figures. These would be great as a starter force for Norway and I could add a few extra bits as well to bulk them out. I can also match them with the Crusader early war German range, with the Fallschirmjager as an obvious choice, together with the early war British range as opposition.  
I have quite a lot of terrain bits and bobs that could be used for Norway too, including a big bag of fir trees and some rocky hills from the GF9 Battlefield in a Box range. The rest of the terrain can be improvised as it'll mostly consist of snow covered scree and the like, with the occasional mountain stream, road or forest track.
The only major obstacle is the Norwegian contingent but I have some ideas for simple conversions, possibly using WW1 Austrians with green stuff and headswaps to make them look the part. It's all a bit sketchy but I think I can work something out along theses lines. I'd only need a couple of rifle sections anyway, so it wouldn't be a major obstacle to the project as a whole.
This is all theorectical at the moment but I have ordered a copy of Skirmish Campaigns: Norway! from Caliver Books, as it was the only place I could find it. This will give me some idea of the sort of things I could do with what is, at the moment, only a rough outline but which could be a lot of fun. I'll do some more thinking but, in the meantime, will crack on with the Yanks for another late war game at some point in the not too distant future.


  1. The Skirmish Campaign book is full of great little scenarios for the Norway campaign. A friend of mine has it, but I too could not find WW2 Norwegians in 28mm and do not want to change scales again.

  2. I don't know how if this is helpful, but there is a range of Swedish Interwar figures, which might do duty as Norwegians, as there were some similarities in uniform. To what extent I don't know though.

  3. Hi!

    The Skirmish Campaign book, is very good I had that as well. WW1 Renegade Austro-Hungarian infantry, is cheap, and good for Norwegian, I think.