Tuesday, 30 July 2013


I've been hovering at a distance from this for a while and have yet to make up my mind, which is handy as it's not going to be available until mid-August. A couple of club colleagues have already made positive noises about the rules and the associated figure range, so it's a potential mini-project for the Autumn. I am not, however, going to be suckered by the very attractive box sets or the special pre-order deals on the Northstar webshop thingy.
Oh no, not me, not again....
I'll get the rules on the Kindle when they come out and, if there's some momentum, will also pick up a copy of the rules on Amazon. The figures are already in the leadpile, in the form of three packs of Aly Morrison sculpted pre-slotta Foundry Samurai, which I acquired many, many years ago for use with the classic FGU roleplaying game Bushido. I reckon I have more than enough figures for one or possibly two warbands, with the Koryu or Bandit buntai being the obvious place to start.
They're not the most cutting edge or even historically accurate figures but I really like them!


  1. There is a very detailed review in MW364 and unless you like extremely complex combat systems the recommendation is that you give it a miss...

  2. I wonder if there's scope for a SAGA conversion here...

  3. @Mike - that's what the MW reviewer suggested! :-)

  4. I was thinking of the Steve Barber skirmish rules as a possible alternative..?

    I'm sure someone will come out with a Saga version at some point, if not already.

  5. Good luck with them, Jim. For what it's worth, Aly's samurai figures are my favourites of any 28mm samurai range. I think they're right up there with my favourite figures of all time - fantastic fun to paint and game with.