Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Bolt Action Game

I had a really good first game of Bolt Action at the club this evening, with a late war skirmish between a platoon of British Paras and German panzergrenadiers with some tanks and heavy weapons in support. In the end the British pulled off a narrow victory, largely as a result of a lucky shot from the British light tank crew, which knocked out a menacing Panzer MkIV early in the proceedings.

It was a really tactical game with a real small unit fire and movement 'feel' that helped to make the turns very interesting, so Bolt Action is a definite thumbs up for me. The terrain features and figures were also very impressive, which made it a really visual game as well. I'll have to get the Late War US infantry done at some point over the Summer, so that I can have a re-match using my own unit of grizzled veterans.

Good fun!

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