Thursday, 25 July 2013

D.I. Why???

The family are away for the next week or so, with the wife and two youngest off to France and the eldest off to scout camp in the Forest of Dean. Why not Forest of Wayne, I wonder? Anyway, I digress. This means I am now on my own for six days, so can spend the time avidly painting up toy soldiers and playing games...

..or so I thought.

How naive.

I am instead painting and decorating what seems like half the house including the two largest rooms and all the woodwork. Two coats on everything!
Nonetheless, I am going to squeeze in as much proper painting as I can over the next week, with the aim of finishing the Bolt Action Late War US infantry and vehicles by this time next week, when I'll be off to France with the boy, assuming he survives the forest trip. I've also packed some more Bolt Action things into the car so that I can base them up when I get there.


  1. I feel your pain! Like you I was blessed with what I thought might prove to be profitable hobby time only to be vanquished from the painting table until the front of the house received a makeover!

  2. Only two coats...? A three stage highlight with a dry brush...apply the same standards to your house as to your miniatures! A size 000 brush on the details...?

  3. No one seems to be able to avoid the inevitability of the Honey-do list.

  4. I know how that goes. I've got a shed to build, and not a man-cave type shed, ooooh no...

  5. wife is off to her mothers with the kids in a week and I am ......decorating both the kids bedrooms and putting together blasted IKEA furniture.

    Also how come I can paint eyeballs on a 28mm mini but can't cut in a wall without getting paint on the freshly painted ceiling?

  6. This is the first summer in six years I have no DIY to do. I know your pain.

    Fat Wally