Friday, 31 October 2014

A Radical Reshuffle

I spent some time over the holiday thinking about the general direction I'm going in and so, when I got back yesterday, I decided to re-organise and clear out a whole load of stuff that's been hanging around on the garage shelving for far too long.

All of my boxes of plastic figures and most of the 28mm metal figures that I've stockpiled have now been packed up and relegated to the loft. I've kept some of the 28mm stuff but the shelves are now clear for smaller scale projects that actually stand a chance of getting underway.

I'm not abandoning 28mm completely and will be finishing the Chain of  Command Japanese in the run up to Xmas, for example, but I have decided to switch my focus to smaller scales, with a particular emphasis on both naval and aerial gaming. This will be funded by selling off some of the more unlikely 28mm projects including the plastic Napoleonics and Ancients box sets.

As a result, the rest of the year will be spent finishing the Japanese and the coastal warfare project, clearing the decks for some more naval projects in 2015. In fact, this will now be the theme for the next twelve months or so, with an occasional dip into 15mm skirmishy type things like WotR using Lion Rampant.

I'm feeling pretty good about this re-focus and have now got a lot more shelf space to boot!


  1. Good job on getting some focus. It is always difficult to do so. If you sell the 28s, I am sure they will do well as you have some nice toys.

  2. Now that's brave and on a plus I've just shown the Saintly Mrs. Awdry your shelves - she's feeling slightly better about the state of our spare room!