Thursday, 2 October 2014

Narrow Seas [20]

A very hectic evening, for various complicated domestic reasons, but the last of the RN coastal forces are now done, give or take some judicious application of bow waves and wakes. I'm tempted to add an Isles class trawler and a Bangor class minesweeper, both of which are ready to paint, but that would be a bit of a diversion. It's a bit mental at work this week, to say the least but I should get started on the Germans tomorrow, ready to fill in the gaps in the other half of the storage box.


  1. Excellent looking ships again. I'm really tempted to say the least.

  2. Those are very nice indeed.

  3. Those look excellent. I really like how you've done the 'sea', I always find it more difficult to recreate on larger scales.