Saturday, 4 October 2014

Narrow Seas [21]

No time for painting today, having spent the last eight hours marking KS3 assessments ready for a 'data drop' next week, whatever use that will be. However, I have cleared the decks and sorted out the German element of the project, with an emphasis on coastal convoy escort, minelaying and the occasional offensive sweep.

The rationale is to set up a series of linked games in the Channel Islands and off the north coast of Brittany, so the emphasis is on escort vessels rather than just fast attack boats. The first stage will be to paint up a trio of Skytrex Vorpostenboot and a couple of Skytrex Kriegsfischcutters, which are ideal for convoy escort and will be fun to do.

The VP boats will get some individual attention to make them look a bit different, as two of the models will otherwise be identical. This will involve a slightly different weapons fit and a variation in camouflage scheme. I also want to scratchbuild and/or kit bash a Sperrbrecher but have yet to work out exactly how to go about it. After that it'll be on to the R boats and E boats, with a minesweeper as an optional extra.


  1. Yikes... where's that work life balance..?
    11th commandment: Thou shalt not lift a pen in anger on a weekend...

  2. One acronym will explain all..


  3. I look forward to see the German naval stuff take shape :)

  4. This is a project that I have been thinking about myself, so I'm very interested in how it takes shape.