Sunday, 12 October 2014

S Boats in Action

I downloaded this for the Kindle the other day because it looked really useful as an extra source of background information and scenario ideas. I have several books on the subject of coastal forces but few dealing solely with the Kriegsmarine side of the equation. I'm particularly interested in the tactics and organistion of the S-Boat flotillas, so was pleased to find several relevant diagrams and paragraphs dealing with just that. It was interesting to find out that they operated in rotte, just like the Luftwaffe fighter arm.

This has also led to a further expansion of my S-Boat flotilla, which at the moment consists of only four early war S26 series Skytrex models. I've ordered four more of these from Heroics and Ros and four of the earlier S6 class, with the torpedo tubes exposed on the fore deck, just like the classic Airfix kit version. This will give me a flotilla of twelve boats, which is much more handy for a decent sized convoy attack. In the meantime, I'll start painting up the ones that I've already assembled and undercoated.

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