Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Denmark A+++

The Danish Arsenal Museum turned out to be a fantastic visit this afternoon, in a very understated Danish way. I really like the Danes, with their civilised approach to life and their total absence of inefficiency and inadequacy, at least as far as I can detect from a very brief second visit. 

Without being too politically incorrect, there are no obese people, the streets are totally spotless (we played spot the dog @$& today, with nil points all round), there's an absolutely superb public transport system, fantastic food and a very friendly attitude from everyone you meet. Not to mention everyone speaking faultless English!

I've also located no less than three games shops within walking distance of the city centre and an equal number of fantastic bookshops, all of which have shelves stacked with titles in English. Anyway, before I apply for Danish citizenship, I better get back to the subject in hand, with a useful link for enthusiasts of obscure mid nineteenth century wars.

I bought a copy of this introductory guide to the war of 1864 today, only to find that it's available as a download from the authors website:

It's a quick read but explains everything in a very straightforward way, with some excellent period illustrations and an interesting historical perspective. I may look into this as a potential naval wargaming project, as I already have the ships for Rugen / Jasmund, but there's also some scope in 10mm for some land based games.

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