Thursday, 23 October 2014

Lost World Tribal Temple [1]

I've been asked to make a tribal temple type thingy for the club participation game, which will be appearing at Warfare 2014 in a few weeks time. So, I had a rummage in the terrain box and found a very old and slightly battered stonecast Aztec pyramid, which I originally bought for Saurian Safari games anyway. 

This will be topped off by an mdf plinth and part of a Reaper Miniatures tribal african king's throne, which I think looks perfect as some sort of dinosaur workshipping icon. I'll stick the whole shebang to an ERM mdf base and add some paving from left over mdf offcuts, before adding some base texturing, stones and rubble.

After that I'll do a good undercoat of brown spray paint then start the laborious process of wetbrushing, drybrushing, washing and weathering, before I add some suitable jungly vegetation. It's supposed to be the  centrepiece of the game, so I'll have to make it look the business.

Not sure when I'll get this done but the clock is definately ticking!


  1. That is going to look wonderful, plenty of fish tank foliage and away you go.

  2. Looks great! Sometimes the speedy jobs turn out better than the ones you think for hours about.